Redshift Strategy combines leading edge strategic advice and consultancy services to some of the world’s largest entertainment and telecommunications companies, from Telefonica in Latin America to Sony in Japan. Redshift’s Directors have been advising, making and managing investments for more than 25 years. Janice Hughes, founder and Managing Director of Redshift, previously founded Spectrum Strategy with over 100 management consultants and nine offices around the world.

We provide our clients with insight and recommendations, business plans, due diligence, consumer demand and operational audits, enabling them to make the most of the rapidly changing digital marketplace. Redshift’s consultants combine high level qualifications and hands-on experience in numerous disciplines, including strategy, planning, marketing, finance and engineering.

Clients benefit from Redshift’s extensive international experience, in-depth knowledge of the digital space, and immersive hands-on demonstrations in our Tech Suite in central London. This Suite has more than 25 of the latest OTT and set-top-boxes from Sky, Google, Apple, Roku and Microsoft, among other.



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